What IS Petz???

The Petz series is a series of virtual pet games currently owned by Ubisoft--you've probably seen at least a few of them wherever you go to buy video games. However this website is NOT about the Ubisoft version of Petz, it is about the PF Magic version! PF Magic was actually the creator of Petz before being bought out by Ubisoft. It's different than its descendants and generally a LOT more fun, I think. As you can tell by all the pretty graphics, it probably looks a lot different than you expected!

PF Magic produced 5 installments of Petz, as well as a spinoff with human babies called Babyz and a game with fictional animals called Oddballz. Each main installment is separated into a cat and a dog version. Starting in Petz II, installing both versions of the game would allow for catz and dogz to interact with each other. Petz 3 further advanced things by allowing you to take your petz to multiple locations, and letting your petz breed! The next two installments consisted of smaller improvements. The community generally sticks with Petz 4, due to Petz 5 being glitchy and also making you play annoying mini-games to be able to use all the items.

Though the original games have been all but forgotten by Ubisoft, there is still a decently-sized community based around the PF Magic version of Petz. At some point during the Petz II era, it was discovered that you could hex edit pet breeds relatively easily, sparking off a modding community that is still going strong. Now, we know how to reskin toyz, edit individual petz, and make pretty much every kind of animal under the sun--and beyond!!

I first discovered the PF Magic Petz games at the ripe young age of... 5 or 6? I had definitely heard of Ubisoft's Petz games at this point (my first ever DS game was Catz 2), but I guess I looked up Petz on Google or something and wound up stumbling upon Carolyn's Creations, a website owned by one of the pioneering modders of the community. I had NO CLUE what any of this stuff was, but the game looked cool and I WANTED IT, dang it! At some point in 2012, I got my wish and downloaded a copy of Petz 4. The rest is pretty much history.